How to Decide on your Businesses Name

The name of your business is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. It’s the part of your brand that everyone sees as it is all over your business cards, invoices, social media and website.

Below are some important points to remember whilst trying to decide on that all important name.

Domain Name

It is important that a domain name is available that is both memorable and fitting for your business.

You can check domain name availability through any registrar however if you continually search for domain names you may notice them all getting swept up before you are able to purchase. If you are interested in a domain name get in touch today and we can secure the one you’re after without poachers taking it before you get the chance. / .com / .org / .net ?

There are plenty of extensions out there for your domain name and it is important that you choose the right one. Each extension has a different meaning to your potential customers.

Here are some points to remember whilst choosing the perfect extension:

  • If your business is within the UK then you should try and register a domain name using a extension.
  • and .com extensions are the two most important extensions for UK businesses.
  • It is very important to register a .com extension if you are planning to trade internationally.
  • Charities tend to use .org extensions – although they are not solely reserved for them.
  • Many people interpret .net extensions as small businesses and see them not as credible as or .com addresses.

Social Media

Social Media platforms have become a massively important point of contact for businesses and their customers.

Being able to have a social media accounts and addresses using your brand name, e.g., is crucial in keeping a consistent brand identity.

If you want to check availability across all of the most used social media platforms you can use NameChk.

Limited Company Name (UK)

If you are thinking about forming a company – or even just reserving your name for the future – you can check availability with Companies House by using their web check service.


Everyone uses Google so you should too! You should check what Google results appear for your chosen business name. You don’t want any negative associations with your name before you even start your business!