Responsive Design, What is it?

You only have 10 seconds to capture the users attention. They don’t want to be scrolling left or right just to read the content, it’s poor design and will make most users leave your website within seconds.

Whether they’re on a PC or a mobile, viewing in landscape or portrait, all users want every website they browse to adapt to their view-port size and provide them with a good user experience regardless of the device that is being used. All information needs to be easy to read and navigate through and with the amount of devices out there, all with different sized screens, a website that automatically responds to the size of the device being used is a must!

So, what actually is Responsive Design?

In simple terms – it’s having the website respond to the width of the users device.

In technical terms – it’s a medley of CSS media queries and flexible grids that respond and react to the size of the view-port as it is re-sized.

How do I know if my website is Responsive?

It’s easy to test! Just drag the corner of your browser, adjust the size and see if everything responds. If it does you’re responsive, if you have to scroll right in order to see your content you’re not, it’s that simple! If your result is the latter then it’s probably best that you get in touch and we will see what we can do to help.